Hello, World!

My name is David La Spina. I'm a photographer that lives on the high hills of Brooklyn with my family.

Most of my 'art' projects have something to do with local or personal history.

Sometimes I take photos for fun and sometimes I am available for hire.

With my friend, Michael Vahrendwald, I make some zines. We call them  ROMAN NVMERALS.

To make a living, I have worked for Esto Photographics, Inc. for the better part of two decades. We shoot houses.

For kicks, I sell sports and trading cards at Charlie's Side Hustle  in Red Hook and hawk old photo gear at Clickerz 'n Clunkerz.

You can call me at +1 212 505 5454 or email me at [email protected].

I sometimes post photos on the Metaverse @bigbabgenius.

The design concept for the rest of this site was developed by Mary Voorhees Meehan. She was not responsible for the travesty that is this information page.